3 evicted from the Ghana most beautiful contest.

3 evicted from the Ghana most beautiful contest.

Tv3 Ghana most beautiful is one of the most watched beauty pageantry in Ghana and has helped many beautiful women to make some change in their regions as part of their agenda to cause a social change.

first eviction of this year’s event took place yesterday and had three participants evicted. These beauty queens did a tremendous presentation as at how they can use their talents to set up a business opportunity to touch the lives of people within their region.

Some of the contestants did very well to impress the judges but others had a bit challenges but did thier best to make the show interesting. Judges had 30% of their say as at who is to be eliminated or which contestants didn’t put in much effort in the presentation and the remaining 70% is in the hands of the audience to vote.

Serwaa of the Ashanti Region, Otobiaa from the greater Accra region and Oye of the Eastern Region were evicted.
Each evictee were given cash prizes and were encouraged to make a change in their society as they are going out there.

The program was graced with some high dignitaries and also supporters of the contestants.

By Nathaniel Quaye